The learn to swim program caters for all ages, from the beginner in level 1 who is learning to come up for a breath through to level 4 who will be swimming 25m freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke.

This program has been in place for 22 years and has been very successful. We put this down to our hard work and dedicated teachers. Every teacher here is fully qualified to teach every level. Pricing for this program is $180 per 10-week term. 

Private classes available on demand!

Level  1 - 4

These levels are where you can really start to see all the hard work paying off.


You could say that these are the stepping stones to building a strong and more competitive swimmer. With the help of our coaches we will work on refining your child’s technique, fitness levels, club swimming and also for fun and general health.

$12 per session or $110 for a 10 session pass.

Please call 07 4772 6550 for session timetables or to book a free swimming assessment

Level  5 - 8